(almost) seven months and going strong

I’ve never been big on New Years resolutions, but for some reason I was really motivated to try something new for 2012. I’ve always thought of myself as a conscious eater. I bought grass-fed beef, ate locally when the seasons permitted and organic whenever possible. I was educated on CAFOs and poor slaughterhouse conditions. I’d read Fast Food Nation and I’d seen Food, Inc. I was doing my part, and I thought that was enough.

I made the decision to try out a vegan lifestyle for just 30 days, the month of January. Just to see how I felt. My husband was supportive and on board with the experiment. Since I do 99% of the cooking, he kind of had to be. I stocked up on vegan kitchen basics, checked out a TON of cookbooks from the library and I started my journey. I couldn’t tell you when I knew I would not be giving up my new lifestyle, but I think it was pretty early on. Thirty days became two months, three months and now it seems like I’ve always been this way. I noticed that I felt better almost immediately, and despite what others may think, it wasn’t a hard lifestyle change. The biggest benefit for me was the fact that my cravings for sweets almost completely disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE to bake, and would never say no if presented with a (vegan) brownie or cupcake, but I don’t feel like I have to have them anymore.

What started out as a decision based on health has evolved into one based on both health and ethical reasons. My husband, who started out supportive but ate meat when out to eat, made a giant leap and has become vegetarian, and we are now raising our son vegetarian. My thirty day experiment has become a permanent lifestyle change that I’m proud to have made.

Because I love to cook and bake, I am always trying new vegan products and recipes. Some are great and some are filed away under “never try that again.” I will be blogging about vegan products and recipes I try. My hope is that this blog will inspire someone who is thinking of trying out the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. It’s really not so hard, I promise!


3 thoughts on “(almost) seven months and going strong

  1. Hi Angela! Thanks for starting this blog. I have been very curious about your veganism… (is that a word?) Thanks for posting all your delicious looking recipes!

      • Thank you very much! My daughter, Maddy, who is 10 keeps telling me that she wants to go vegetarian. I would completely support her, IF she had a good, passionate reason. I think right now, she just wants to “be” something… as she munches on a chicken nugget…

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