vegan apps for your phone

I don’t know about you, but my smartphone never seems to be too far away from me, which is really helpful when I have a vegan question or need to find a recipe.

Here are a few phone apps that I have found helpful. I have an Android phone, but I know most of these are available for the iPhone, too.

Happy Cow – This app helps you find vegan, vegetarian or veg friendly restaurants close to you. Read reviews, check out their website and get directions, all on this one handy app. I use this app a lot when traveling, or when looking for some place new to try at home.

Secretly Vegan – This app is a list of different foods that are “secretly” vegan. It’s basically all processed foods, but can be handy when you are at the grocery store.

Animal-Free – This app is a giant list of both animal and vegan ingredients. Labels can be hard to read and understand when you have no idea what certain ingredients are or where they come from. With this app you can scroll the list of ingredients or search for something specific. The app will tell you what types of products normally contain the ingredient and where it’s derived from.  This app would be perfect if it had a bar-code scanner.

Vgan Free – This app is all about alcohol! Search through hundreds of options for beer, wine and liquor. This app tells you which spirits are vegan and which are not. Lucky for me, my favorite beer (Easy Street Wheat) and my favorite vodka (Grey Goose) are both vegan!

Do you have any vegan apps that you love? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “vegan apps for your phone

  1. I like vegan xpress. It has a few different components, but I often use the restaurant feature, where they list what is vegan at a slew of chain restaurants.

  2. Animal-Free is actually one of my favourite apps! I secretly may know half of the list by heart 🙂 #veganproblems- Another one of mine that I have is Cruelty-Free which is based on products! Lastly, Fooducate is a good one too!

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