stocking a vegan kitchen: what’s in my freezer

I make most of our food from scratch, and the one thing that keeps me sane in the kitchen is having a well-stocked pantry, fridge and freezer. Keeping plenty of whole food ingredients in my kitchen makes coming up with meals at 5 pm during the week much easier. Here’s a list of the food I regularly keep stocked in my freezer. You’ll notice that it’s probably not much different from what non-vegan cooks keep in their kitchen. It should also be noted that in addition to the freezer in my kitchen, I also have a large stand up freezer in my garage which is why it might seem like I keep a lot of food in the freezer.

Tofu – I always freeze my tofu before I use it. Freeze it, thaw it, then squeeze all the water out before you use it.

Nuts – I keep whole almonds and pecans in the freezer and use them for baking. Any nuts I’m going to snack on go in the pantry.

Frozen vegetables – A lot of our frozen veggies come from our garden in the summer. Corn, green beans, peas, shredded zucchini and whole tomatoes come from the garden each year. I also buy frozen edamame. Most other veggies I like to buy fresh.

Veggie burgers – I usually buy Boca vegan burgers and Boca Chick’n patties.

Veggie meatballs – We like the Nate’s Meatless Meatballs. The mushroom and zesty italian flavors are good.

Frozen fruit – I freeze raspberries and strawberries from our garden, as well as peeled and sliced apples and peaches from Colorado orchards. Strawberries and raspberries go into smoothies, apples and peaches get made into pies.

Tempeh – Sometimes this is in the fridge, sometimes it’s in the freezer. Just depends on when I think I’ll use it.

Seitan – Same as the tempeh.

Ginger – Ginger always goes in the freezer. It’s easy to grate fresh  into the pan with my microplane when it’s frozen.

Baked Goods – When I bake I always double the recipe and freeze extra muffins, cookies and breads. It’s very rare that I don’t have some sort of baked good in my freezer.

Vodka – Anyone who knows me knows that I’m never without vodka in my freezer. True, I don’t use it for cooking, but it sure makes a dinner party more fun.


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