restaurant review: uchenna

I spent the afternoon out yesterday with my mother-in-law. We did a nice hike and then went to lunch. We decided to try Uchenna, an Ethiopian restaurant that neither of us had been to before. Uchenna is located in Old Colorado City, right near Colorado Springs, and there is plenty of free and metered parking close to the restaurant. I checked out their menu prior to our visit, so I knew they offered plenty of vegetarian and vegan food. According to our server, everything on the vegetarian menu is vegan except for the sandwich. They even had a vegan dessert option!
We decided to split the vegetarian combo which had samples of five different menu items: miser alech, miser wat, shro wat, atakilt wat 1 and atakilt 2. We had two types of lentils; ground chickpeas in a spicy sauce; string beans, carrots and onions in a tomato sauce; and cabbage, potatoes and carrots sauteed with garlic and ginger. We had never eaten Ethiopian food before, so our server was nice enough to explain how to eat it. We each got a plate of injera (similar to a thin pancake) which we used to scoop up our food.
The food was delicious. Everything had a distinct flavor and was seasoned very nicely. The shro wat had some heat to it, but when mixed with the lentils was nice. There wasn’t an item on our platter that we didn’t love.
We went at the end of their lunch service, and didn’t have to wait too long for our food. 
When I told the server I am vegan she immediately knew what to suggest. She also mentioned that a lot of their items are gluten free. It’s always nice to visit a restaurant that’s aware of, and accomodating to, dietary issues.
I will definitely be going back to Uchenna.


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