vegan breakfast challenge: over easy

It’s pretty safe to say that Matt’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast. He would eat breakfast food three times a day if given the chance. We celebrated his birthday this weekend, and I knew I wanted to take him out to breakfast this morning as part of our weekend celebration. As a vegan, I’ve found that breakfast is one of the harder meals to go out to eat. Most menu items contain eggs and/or meat, neither of which I eat. I heard about a new place in Colorado Springs called Over Easy, and decided to check it out. I emailed the restaurant and asked them if they had anything vegan, or could make a vegan dish for me. I got a quick, but vague response back that yes, they could make a vegan dish. They would simply take menu items and remove anything with animal by-products. I have to admit, I was hesitant after getting that email. Most of the dishes rely heavily on eggs, so I wasn’t sure just taking them out would work, but I decided to stick with the plan and just make it work.

We met our awesome friend Sarah for breakfast at 9 am. We beat the breakfast rush, and we were seated right away. When we left at 10:15 there were at least a dozen people  waiting for a table. When our waitress came over, I immediately told her that I was vegan and asked what they could make for me. She recommended the breakfast quinoa, which I wasn’t interested in, so I asked her if they could custom make something for me, and she said they could. Suddenly she remembered that they did offer a tofu scramble it just isn’t on the menu. It was made with egg whites, but she assured me they could easily make it without the eggs.  I decided to get the tofu scramble, Matt got the huevos rancheros and Sarah ordered the breakfast burrito. The scramble had tofu, mushrooms and red peppers and was served with hash browns or fruit. I opted for hash browns and also got a side of avocado.  For good measure I also ordered a Hound Dog (fresh grapefruit juice and vodka).

The scramble was delicious. A lot of tofu scrambles are made by crumbling the tofu and using a combination of seasonings and spices to get the tofu to slightly resemble scrambled eggs. This tofu scramble was not having any of that. The tofu was simply cubed and sautéed with the mushrooms and peppers. It was simple and amazing. The tofu was perfectly seasoned and the texture was just right. The hash browns were tasty, and the avocado was the perfect addition to the meal. Matt and Sarah were equally impressed with their food.

I made sure to tell the server how great the tofu scramble was. She said they had just bought the tofu and were trying out more vegan/vegetarian dishes. I really hope they consider putting it on their menu permanently. I let her know that if it was a permanent option, we would definitely go there more often, which is the truth. All three of us walked out of Over Easy totally impressed with the food, service and ambiance. I can’t wait to go back.


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