product review: victoria vegan original vegan alfredo sauce

Many years ago, my Aunt Bernie gave me her recipe for Alfredo sauce. It is delicious. Spoiler alert…It’s not vegan. Not even close. Her recipe calls for heavy cream, butter, egg yolk and Parmesan cheese. It’s not a recipe I wanted to attempt to veganize. I’ve seen lots of recipes for vegan Alfredo sauce, most of them calling for cashews or cauliflower, but I’ve never actually made it myself. Cut to our recent shopping trip to Whole Foods. Matt noticed a jar of Victoria Vegan Original Vegan Alfredo Sauce and suggested that we try it out. He’s always full of good ideas.

VV Original Vegan Alfredo Sauce


All three of us really liked this sauce. It was creamy and had great flavor. It wasn’t too rich, which I appreciated. My five-year-old insisted that he “doesn’t like white sauce” but I convinced him to try it, and he ended up eating everything on his plate. Because it’s made with cashews, water and spices, there can be some separation which might look weird, but is fixed with a quick shake of the jar. Once the sauce was warmed I didn’t have any separation issues. I used one jar of sauce with one pound of fettuccine. I also added some peas from our garden and some Simple Truth Meatless Griller Strips to the sauce to make it a quick, complete meal.

I will definitely buy this again. This sauce also gives me motivation to make my own vegan Alfredo sauce at home. I just have to convince Matt to let me get a Vitamix.


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