all about me

My name is Angela, and I am a vegan. I have been vegan since 1/1/12. I love to cook and bake, and I’m constantly trying new vegan products and recipes. I read a lot of vegan books, and I’ve been known to make my husband watch heart-wrenching movies supporting animal rights. I was vegetarian throughout most of high school and college, and vegan products have come a long way since then. Whole Foods is my new favorite place to shop, and I won’t buy anything without thoroughly scrutinizing the ingredients label.

It’s worth mentioning that I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, which means these recipes were developed at high altitude. Will they work at sea level? Probably. You may need to experiment and tweak them a bit, but that’s the best part of baking!

Huge thanks to my personal photographer, who also happens to be my husband. He takes nice photos of my food, and I make him tasty meals in return. I will also occasionally do the dishes for him. His mountain photography can be found here.


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