product review: road’s end organics dairy free mac and cheese

vegan mac & cheese

One word review: Yuck.

Vegan mac & cheese, why do you hate me?? It seems no matter what I try, I cannot find a vegan macaroni and cheese that doesn’t turn me off. I haven’t had much luck with making my own, so I thought I’d give this product a try. Most day’s I prepare a vegan or vegetarian lunch for my son because his preschool often serves meat. Tomorrow they are having macaroni and cheese with ham, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to make this vegan m&c.

I was hesitant right from the start because the macaroni was whole grain. I know, I know…whole grain pasta is soooooo much better for you than white pasta. I get it. Unfortunately, I can’t stand whole grain pasta, and I don’t think my son likes it either. The product came together quick enough; if you’ve ever made any other brand of m&c it’s all the same. The fake cheese mix did have a weird scent, but no more than any other powdered cheese mix. I cooked the cheese sauce according to the directions, added the pasta to cook for a minute or two and then I tasted it. Yuck. The cheese sauce tasted off and the whole grain flavor was overwhelming. It’s also worth noting that my end result looked nothing like the picture on the box. I knew that if I didn’t like it my five-year old definitely wouldn’t eat it. I did take a few more tastes just to be sure that I didn’t like it. I wanted to like it. It wasn’t cheap, so I really wanted to like it. Unfortunately in the end, it all ended up in the trash.

Do you have a favorite vegan macaroni and cheese product or recipe that you’d recommend? Tell me about it!


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