a few thoughts on vegan ingredients…

A few thoughts on vegan Parmesan cheese…For this recipe I usedGalaxy Nutritional Foods vegan Parmesan cheese. There are not a lot of options out there for vegan Parmesan cheese. Before I went vegan, I would buy really good Italian cheese. Locatelli Romano was my favorite, and I’d usually buy it in bulk when I went to Pittsburgh to visit family. This Parmesan cheese has a nice nutty and salty flavor. It’s no Locatelli Romano, but it’s definitely better than the stuff in the green canister. Matt used some on top of his spaghetti, and he liked it.

A few thoughts on vegan cheese…For this recipe I used Daiya shredded cheese. I love Daiya cheese. It melts and stretches like dairy cheese and tastes great when cooked. Daiya makes shredded cheese in three flavors – cheddar, pepperjack and mozzarella. Daiya recently came out with wedges in three flavors – cheddar, jack and jalapeno garlic havarti. I have tried all three flavors of the shreds and the cheddar wedge, and I love them all. I will only eat this cheese cooked, as I don’t care for the flavor of any of them when raw. Some people like it raw, I am just not one of them. There are quite a few other brands of vegan cheese out there – rice cheese, almond cheese, soy cheese – but Daiya is my go-to brand.

A few thoughts on vegan cream cheese…It seems like anytime I see a recipe call for vegan cream cheese, they all seem to recommend Tofutti, but I prefer Galaxy Nutritional Foods Vegan Cream Cheese. It tastes great and has great texture, and of the two brands, I think it tastes more like Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Cream cheese is one of the staples that I try to keep in my kitchen at all times. Smear it on a bagel and you have an easy breakfast. Add it to pasta or veggies for a quick dinner.


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